5 Types Of Zinc Ingot Categories You Can Get From A Reputable Zinc Ingot Supplier

Those who are looking for zinc ingot supplier for the first time get confused because the suppliers show several products. Imagine that there are at least 5 zinc ingot categories in the market. 

So, before looking for the best zinc ingot supplier, you need to learn more about this product. At least, you know the right zinc ingot you are about to use.

Continuous Galvanizing Zinc Ingot

People often buy continuous galvanizing zinc ingot to galvanize aluminum products. Some companies mix zinc with aluminum content to boost their functions. 

Most suppliers sell zinc ingots with 0.1 to 1.0 percent aluminum content. This product is effective enough to fight against corrosion. 

Batch Galvanising Zinc Ingot 

The zinc ingot supplier you choose will also show batch galvanizing zinc ingot. People or companies are looking for this product for a hot-dip galvanizing process. They chose this product since it is effective enough to control the reaction once the aluminum properties are dipped into the zinc ingot. 

Zinc Ingot Diecasting 

Buyers also often search for zinc ingot diecasting. They need it to support specific products, such as toy cars, furniture components, and automobiles. We can say that the function of this zinc ingot is for decorative applications. 

Super Special High-Grade Zinc Ingot

Just like its name, super special high-grade zinc ingot has the highest purity level. It means this material contains zinc only. The zinc percentage in this category is up to 99.995 percent. 

People or companies need this high-quality zinc product to give the best galvanizing quality for their iron, metal, or aluminum products. As a result, they produce durable products for all weather conditions. Indeed, it also strengthens the products longer than ungalvanized products or products with low-quality galvanize. 

Battery-Grade Zinc Ingot 

Unlike the super special high-grade zinc ingot, the battery-grade zinc ingot has the lowest impurity level. This means that the zinc content is limited. Yet, some people or companies buy it is easy to find. 

Interestingly, this product can store energy longer. As a result, people can use zinc-based batteries longer than other types of batteries.  

The list above explains that zinc ingot is available in a variety of categories. The most important thing is that you must know what type of zinc ingot you are looking for. 

Don’t worry! A reputable zinc ingot supplier will help you to get the right product based on your needs. Remember to explain a little bit about your purpose of buying the zinc ingot. Your explanation helps the suppliers a lot to pick the right item.  

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